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Protect your company

from cyber attacks!

Cyber attacks promise to have such aggressiveness in the coming years
that various ways will be used. If you work remotely through an unprotected public
network, you are putting your entire organization at risk, either by compromising
your data or by (unknowingly) incorporating a botnet into your device.

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Increase the efficiency and productivity

of your business!

Support in your language, in your country, in your city.

The old rule

if it's working don't touch it!

Stop fighting with technology, avoid stress. Having a phone to pick up and that
someone can take care of fighting for us to make everything work means avoiding the
loss of many hours of work in the company.

SUPPORT 24 x 7 x 365

IT Services and Solutions

We provide small and medium companies with the Information Technology used by large and multinational companies quickly, flexibly and at an affordable price.


Dedicated Business Internet with capacities from 4 Mbps to 200 Mbps in the same interface.
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Design, installation, configuration, monitoring, management and equipment support.
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Colocation, virtualization, backup and DRPro fully tailored to the customer needs.
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Our participation in CES 2018

We were part of the 20 selected companies that participated for the first time with a Mexico stand at CES2018 presenting our Cloud services with our CloudSIDE brand. Thanks to this type of important events worldwide, Mexican companies have the opportunity to demonstrate how much talent and technology there is in the country.
For our part, we identified in CES the ideal platform to generate links with other companies in other countries and at the same time get to prospect over 20 clients to offer our Cloud, IT Security and Connectivity services in Mexico.
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The need for Super Kiosko was to communicate its 200 convenience stores with 2 central sites …

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The main problem of KumiMotors was the need to complete their systems in a timely manner …

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Auto Nova

The need for Auto Nova was to host their servers in a safe place as well as provide all their agencies …

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Grupo Calidra

Grupo Calidra

Their main need was to have a reliable provider that would provide high-level support that could …

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¡Learn more about our solutions!


  • UbiquitiUbiquiti
  • TrangoTrango
  • PolycomPolycom
  • LigoWaveLigoWave
  • HyperVHyperV
  • HuaweiHuawei
  • GrandstreamGrandstream
  • GlobalsatGlobalsat
  • VMWare
  • Aruba
  • Asterisk
  • Barracuda
  • Cisco


  • TIA
  • CEH
  • ITIL
  • CCSE
  • CCNA